Production of hydraulic cylinders
Hydraulic Cylinder Plant is telescopic and piston hydraulic cylinders of European quality and reliability level!

Serially, our enterprise produces:

Hydraulic cylinders for KAMAZ, ZIL, GAZ, MAZ vehicles

Hydraulic cylinders for any loader

Excavator hydraulic cylinders

Tractor hydraulic cylinders

Hydraulic cylinders of tractor trailers

Crane equipment hydraulic cylinders

Special equipment hydraulic cylinders

Characteristics of the produced hydraulic cylinders:

Working pressure from 16 to 520 MPa

Range of piston diameters from 50 to 350 mm

Range of stem diameters from 25 to 250 mm

Stroke up to 8000 mm

The production process for hydraulic cylinders can be divided into several main stages:

1.Purchase of high-quality materials (pipe, rod, circle, rubber goods)

Components for hydraulic cylinders are selected for testing and laboratory and technical research and are purchased directly from manufacturers in Italy, Germany, Turkey and others.

2.Roughing and finishing machining of parts for hydraulic cylinders.

These operations are carried out on our own equipment with a high class of accuracy. The machine tool park is about 100 units, both domestic and imported.

3. Control of quality control department.

Our company has introduced 100% control of components for hydraulic cylinders. Having gathered professional specialists in the Quality Control Department, we can be sure of the quality of our products.

4. Assembly of hydraulic cylinders.

The assembly area is one of the most critical in the production of hydraulic cylinders, therefore, it pays increased attention to compliance with all production instructions.

5.Tests of hydraulic cylinders

Without exception, all hydraulic cylinders are tested for various types of loads in accordance with GOST and TU, on a test bench developed by us under pressure from 200 to 300 MPa. If required, hydraulic cylinders can be subjected to non-standard loads and double or triple tests.

6. Painting of hydraulic cylinders. In this section, the hydraulic cylinders are covered with soil and then paint of the desired color. At the request of the customer, the hydraulic cylinders can be painted in any color.

All hydraulic cylinders are covered by a 12 month warranty.

Manufacturing of hydraulic cylinders to order.

Upon receipt of an order for the manufacture of a hydraulic cylinder, we draw up a working drawing on the basis of which we make a price offer.

Depending on the complexity of the hydraulic cylinder and the availability of the required components, the production time can be from 5 to 14 days.

Our equipment can be used to manufacture almost any hydraulic cylinder according to the specified characteristics.

Also, when selecting a hydraulic cylinder, we advise you to consult with us and perhaps we will change or supplement the hydraulic cylinders already produced by us, which will speed up the production time and reduce the price.

The minimum order is 1 piece!


Send your applications to or call us on tel. +38 097 928 91 69
Types of piston hydraulic cylinders:

Our company can produce various types of piston hydraulic cylinders. We present the main types of hydraulic cylinders.

Hydraulic cylinder with lugs on both sides (ШС, bushing).

Hydraulic cylinder lug (ШС) – external thread.

Hydraulic cylinder lug (ШС) – internal thread.

Hydraulic cylinder lug ШС) – ball.

Hydraulic cylinder lug (ШС) – welding on the rod.

Гидроцилиндр проушина (втулка) — проушина (ШС).

Hydraulic cylinder lug (bushing) – lug (bushing).

Hydraulic cylinder lug (sleeve) – rod thread (external).

Hydraulic cylinder lug (bushing) – thread on the stem (internal).

hydraulic cylinder eyelet (sleeve) – ball.

Hydraulic cylinder lug (sleeve) – welding on the rod.

Hydraulic cylinder lug (bushing) – fork

Hydraulic cylinder trunnion (yoke) – eyelet (ШС).

Гидроцилиндр цапфа (бугель) — проушина (втулка).

Hydraulic cylinder trunnion (yoke) – sphere.

Trunnion hydraulic cylinder (with holes under the axle) – lug (ШС).

Hydraulic cylinder trunnion (holes under the axle) – eyelet (bushing).

Hydraulic cylinder trunnion (axle holes) – thread on the stem (internal).

Hydraulic cylinder trunnion (axle holes) – ball.

Hydraulic cylinder flange – lug (ШС).

Hydraulic cylinder welding (front cover) – eyelet (ШС).

Hydraulic cylinder welding (front cover) – ball.