Hydraulic cylinders KAMAZ

Production of hydraulic cylinders for KAMAZ dump trucks!

In the catalog of KAMAZ hydraulic cylinders, there are body lifting cylinders for dump trucks, which are serially produced at our enterprise.

The hydraulic cylinders for lifting the body of KAMAZ have a lifting capacity range from 7 to 25 tons, and have the ability to unload in the rear and three-way unloading (back and on the sides). Installed on all vehicles based on KAMAZ, as well as on other vehicles and trailers for agricultural, construction and municipal purposes.

At our enterprise, all parts for the KAMAZ hydraulic cylinder are double checked by the Quality Control Department (technical control department).
At the final stage of production, all KAMAZ hydraulic cylinders, without exception, are tested at our production facilities.
The hydraulic cylinder KAMAZ produced by our plant is distinguished by a very high level of reliability, so our customers are always satisfied!

12 months warranty.

Delivery all over Ukraine!

Minimum order 1 piece.

Order by phone (097) 928-91-69

A system of discounts is provided for regular and wholesale buyers!


We make high-quality overhaul of KAMAZ hydraulic cylinders!

consultation and preliminary estimate of the cost of repairs by phone. (097) 928 91 69

Delivery of hydraulic cylinders

You can always buy a KAMAZ hydraulic cylinder from us for any modification of KAMAZ vehicles.

It is very simple to buy a hydraulic cylinder – you just need to call us and we will select the model of the hydraulic cylinder you need and send it by a transport company convenient for you.

Hydraulic cylinder KAMAZ of our production differs from Russian manufacturers in higher quality of performance and components of European quality level.


Application of hydraulic cylinder KAMAZ.

The hydraulic cylinders for lifting the KAMAZ body differ in design and modification depending on the purpose and operating conditions.
Scope of KAMAZ vehicles with a hydraulic cylinder for lifting the body
very broad.
The KAMAZ hydraulic cylinder in the body lifting mechanism is an actuating mechanism.
The hydraulic cylinder KAMAZ installed on the tipper unit is telescopic.
The hydraulic cylinder of KAMAZ also differs depending on the version of the tipper installation for one, two and three-sided unloading.
Also, KAMAZ hydraulic cylinders are used on vehicles on the chassis of Kama trucks, municipal, construction, road and agricultural machinery.
The KAMAZ hydraulic cylinder is simply irreplaceable for the above equipment.
Since these trucks are designed for complex work related to unloading, loading and transportation of various goods, therefore, the KAMAZ hydraulic cylinder is manufactured using a special technology that allows the hydraulic cylinder to withstand heavy loads.
The hydraulic cylinder KAMAZ can be attributed to one of the most critical mechanisms of this car.
The KAMAZ hydraulic cylinder should be selected based not only on the KAMAZ model, but also take into account the technical characteristics of the hydraulic cylinder, the nominal pressure level, etc.
Also, one of the main indicators of the KAMAZ hydraulic cylinder is its working pressure.
An incorrectly selected KAMAZ hydraulic cylinder can significantly reduce the efficiency of the vehicle.
The hydraulic cylinder KAMAZ manufactured at our enterprise is our pride, as it is of high quality and reasonable price for the spare parts market in Ukraine, Russia and other countries.